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A Level


A Level

At BCP, each student is provided with numerous avenues that help them in acquiring the right skills for life, in university and their professional careers. Whether the subject demands structured tasks or creative insights, BCP believes in providing the required level of support for a student to succeed as an independent learner.

Our teaching methods include class projects, group work, independent research, discussions, scientific experimentation, communal visits and tech-based simulations. The availability of supplementary resources such as published journal articles, case studies and projects are valuable sources that encourage the development of an in-depth understanding of various topics.

Expert instructors for A Level language-oriented subjects aim to provide learners with greater fluency, accuracy and confidence. Our experienced and highly qualified faculty at Beaconhouse College Programme ensures that students are well-supported through sound preparation for securing admissions into the top national and international universities.

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Beaconhouse College Programme strives to nurture curiosity, interest and passion for each subject among its students through experienced staff, contemporary teaching methods and a prime focus on important global issues.


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