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Apply to Beaconhouse College Programme


Beaconhouse College Programme offers exciting and enriching scholarships with a wealth of opportunities aimed at stretching and developing individual talent for the benefit of the whole community. One of the central purposes of education is to inspire children to commit themselves, their time and talents, to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence which is encouraged through scholarships at BCP.

Attaining scholarship is an honour at BCP and those who earn it will enjoy the chance to lead and inspire others whilst fulfilling their own potential. Scholarship award holders are expected to maintain high standards of excellence in their contribution to their scholarship, have a consistently purposeful approach to school life, and sustain a strong work ethic.


Academic Merit

Academic Merit Scholarships based on CAIE grades or equivalent


Co-curricular scholarships based on major achievement in Debates, visual Arts, performing arts etc.

Sports Based

Sports scholarships based on major achievements in various sports

Financial Aid

Financial Aid based on demonstrated financial need