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The BMI Business Expo 2020 honors the spirit of innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurial aspirations. We seek to guide students by celebrating originality and leadership and help them groom such skills by giving them grounds to compete. Business Expo was inaugurated on 13th January, 2020 and held on 3rd February, 2020. Nine teams from external schools had participated in the event. Each team consisted of six team members. Business Expo was a full day event which included three different rounds.


BCP Margalla Campus

Event Date:

February 2020


The aim of this event was to encourage and promote young leaders to test their abilities, potential and develop their skills as an entrepreneur.

1. Brand Rush
A segment of the business expo where students represented their brands by decorating the stalls. Students showed their creative skills and market knowledge of the product as they introduced their product to our judges.

2. Plug & Play
In this round students presented the video advertisements made by them for various products or services. Ad making put their videography abilities to the test.

3. Brain child
This was the final round where students were encouraged to present innovative ideas or any market gap they’ve identified and wanted to be fulfilled.

Host Team


Inauguration Ceremony



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